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1062 course takers of the following courses have to complete this assignment as a common core, based on the Assignment Guideline:  

a) English Listening Strategies Intermediate 
b) English Vocabulary & Reading Intermediate
c) English Academic Listening High-intermediate 
d) English Academic Note-taking & Presentation Skills High-intermediate 
e) English Vocabulary & Reading High-intermediate
f) English Academic Writing High-intermediate 
g) Academic Communication Skills High-intermediate 
h) English Academic Reading & Writing Skills High-intermediate  


The Assignment Guideline

  1. Download the assignment sheet: You could choose to do college research or career research based, based on your learning goals or career plans.
    College Research Assignment Sheet (download)
    Career Research Assignment Sheet (download)
  2. Search for several programs/occupations and choose ONE of them to complete your assignment sheet.
    For college research: You may search https://www.topuniversities.com/ orhttps://www.timeshighereducation.com/w ... rsity-rankings/by-subject to find information about your specific choice. 
    For career research: You may search www.monster.com or other job search engines (https://www.thebalance.com/best-intern ... arch-engine-sites-2061907) to find the following information about your specific choice. 
  3. Submit a hard copy (printout紙本) of this assignment in Week 2. 
  4. If you take more than one course mentioned above this semester, target at different academic programs/occupations for different courses (if you take two courses, then you have to do two different programs/occupations).


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