8 Things to do for Revisions

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Re: 8 Things to do for Revisions

文章duke10705 » 2017-01-04, 17:28

Frankly speaking, among the eight checkpoints, I think the fifth part about “Examine the balance within your work” is the most challenging. Because sometimes we need some supporting details to strongly support our claims related to the topic we explore, however, maybe we are not familiar with some claims written in the article. Therefore, we only write short parts of them and can not give sufficient evidence to support our claims. Instead, even if we are familiar with other claims, sometimes we write in too much detail to be essential for comprehending the article. Besides, it takes a long period of time to concentrate on too detailed contents. In conclusion, we should clearly recognize what we try to tell readers by the article, construct our organization on appropriate proportion for different parts, and emphasize the stronger and essential points.

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Re: 8 Things to do for Revisions

文章a1b2c3112200001 » 2017-01-05, 10:34

After finished essay and article, this is great to revising our writing.
in those 8 things we have to do, I think that "Check the focus of your writing" and no grammar and spelling mistake.
No grammar and spelling mistake is basic but essential. And check the topic and appropriate to the assignment also very important. if the writer didn't focus the topic, readers will confuse about the writing.

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Re: 8 Things to do for Revisions

文章abby20120415 » 2017-01-05, 12:28

Among the eight checkpoints, I think the 6th ''Check that you have kept your promises to your readers'' is most challenging when I revise especially in time-limited writing. Sometimes, come up with supports is difficult enough, not to mention about evaluating. I often write something irrelevant in my support and didn't know it. The same thing happened when I read, I found that it is difficult to me to evaluate the author's supports. So that's what I need to work hard in the next semester.

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Re: 8 Things to do for Revisions

文章yatb0216 » 2017-01-06, 12:28

In my opinion, I think the most challenge things is to "check the organization". Because it has been a serious problem for my chinese writing, I am not good at organizing and integrating my thought. Although I know I have to start from introduction, supporting paragraphs and end in conclusion, I still can not follow a pattern in my wirting. I think I should read more aritical to learn and analysis how others sturcture the organization.

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Re: 8 Things to do for Revisions

文章may860710 » 2017-01-06, 14:07

I think that the 7th point, which is "Check your information", is the most challenging to me when revising my work. Although the information sources on the Internet are extremely easy to search, sometimes the information sources are inreliable. When I do my research about my topicc, I will visit more than one website to make sure the information that I am going to write in my article is correct. But sometimes there will still be some mistakes. So, I think that "make sure my information is accurate" is the most challenging to me.

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Re: 8 Things to do for Revisions

文章keisari4x12o » 2017-01-08, 21:43

I think the sixth thing,Check that you have kept your promises to your readers, is hard for me. There are two reasons. First, we would learn more precise vocabulary to use. Second, we have to pay attention to any words which brings different tone. I think it is very important to expand our vocabulary and know the details of words.

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