Academic Honesty

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Academic Honesty

文章Daniel » 2016-05-27, 13:32

Academic honesty is a serious and important topic for university and graduate school students to know; however, it is often not emphasized in the Taiwanese context. As instructors, how can we raise students’ awareness in academic honesty?
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Re: Academic Honesty

文章Jacy » 2016-05-27, 16:15

mmm....I would like to emphasize the importance of academic honesty by giving students some cases showing the results of academic dishoensty (what happened, what they did, what the results were).

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Re: Academic Honesty

文章Sherri » 2016-05-27, 16:18

I would probably do what Daniel does in his classes; that is, to show students how academic honesty is stressed in higher education worldwide, especially in North America and West Europe. Hopefully, by knowing the serious consequences of violating the regulations regarding plagiarism, learners would be more aware of the issue when they write essays or research papers.

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Re: Academic Honesty

文章Jennifer » 2016-05-27, 16:22

Academic honesty isn't stressed in Taiwan, however, it's important to raise students’ awareness in academic honesty. As an instructor, I will firstly show students how important academic honesty is by showing them some failure examples of people who plagiarise. I will have them discuss and come up with reasons why academic honesty is important, and ask them to go back home and search for consequences of people who do not hoave academic honesty. Also, showing them the academic honesty web pages in universities in other countries, and let them know that academic honesty is important.



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