How to make a good presentation?

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Re: How to make a good presentation?

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The fourth one of the secrets to public speaking is the most difficult one to me. Everyone have their own idea of concepts they're curious about, but something you're interested in or treasure may not be worthy in other's aspect. As a result, it is important to make your idea worth sharing. By doing this, think about who your presentation will benefit. Is it worthy to the race of human being? Or just yourself? I am a student from science department. Sometimes I find that people can't understand the result of not recycling. I think that's because they don't think the environmental issue has anything to do with them. With this Ted Talk skill, we can give presentation that makes the global issue more related to the audience.

I can improve my presentation by asking myself four questions that are related to the four secrets of public speaking. First, am I going to give multiple points by these examples or just one point? By asking this, I can make sure all of my examples are connected the main point. Second, how should I present it to make the audience interested? By using proper opening skill, the interested audience will continuously focus on what I'am going to share. Third, when I express my idea, is it equally familiar to others? If not, the audience may not embrace what I have said like I do. Finally, does this presentation benefit most of people? By asking myself these questions, it can remind me to apply the four skills in my presentation.

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