2017 Academic Poster Display


Academic Posters are an effective method of presenting the results of doing research and. Academic posters with visual forms or graphic data can become more remarkable and memorable than a verbal presentation.
With this poster display event held for learners who are taking “English for academic purpose” courses, we are trying to create authentic and meaning language use in English. Besides, we believe it is an important and excellent way for presenters to introduce their work to their peers and allows for valuable interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities with peers from different disciplines.


  1. 學術海報的格式及學術領域重要內涵
  2. 以英文學習其他領域的專業知識範疇
  3. 以英文傳達及詮釋所欲溝通的內涵

各班學生需以全英文進行期末專題發表,並將其發表內容精華設計成海報,在發表結束後,班上同學會再次瀏覽海報內容及進行Q & A互動。因此,如何使用一張海報呈現學術專題研究或報告之重點,為不可或缺之能力。

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