IA Talk: From Ideas to Application (話時代新知講堂)

IA talk話時代新知講堂競賽是國立中正大學語言中心教學團隊共同創造出來的新型態的競賽模式,必須以英文全程發表及和觀眾互動,本次競賽共有34組同學報名參加,初審後選出24組非常優秀的作品進入決賽發表。這一項非常挑戰的全英文競賽活動要求參賽者需製作7-10頁簡報投影片,以最精簡的內容呈現自己的想法,且以英文在3分鐘內發表,之後再與現場觀眾互動,隨機接受提問、並立即提供適切的回覆。

Biomimicry (Presenter: Chloe)    CHAMPION



Biomimicry is the practice of making technological and industrial design copy the natural process.
There are a lot of examples of biomimicry and I choose dragonfly as an example because the research findings are astonishing and also benefit human being in numerous aspects.